5 Anti-Resolutions for Creatives

As musicians, visual and print artists, and writers and poets, the ability to focus can sometimes be our Achilles’ heel.  There’s rarely a shortage of ideas, melodies or storylines, but the task of putting it all together can feel uncreative. While the world is making their annual resolutions, here are 5 anti-resolutions (“anti” so as not to feel so daunting) for creatives.  The good part is, you can start anytime!  

  1. Google Calendar.  Keep up with your meetings and appointments by putting everything in Google Calendar; you’ll be much more organized.  I also use the Goal and Reminder features as a daily “to-do” list. Plus, it’s always with you on your phone and laptop.  
  2. Follow Up.  Others get busy just like we do.  When you don’t hear back from a venue, a collaborator, or potential business client, don’t be afraid to send them a short email.  They’ll appreciate the reminder, and it’ll showcase your level of professionalism.  
  3. Short Strides.  Whatever your field, take short strides each day to work toward the finished product.  Write a paragraph, a verse, whatever. Each step gets you closer.  
  4. Mirror Success.  Find those that are where you’d like to be, and check out their stories.  Read their books and check out their podcasts; you’re learn a lot.  
  5. Break Time.  At the end of the day, take a break.  Being constantly “on the grind” sounds good, but is unrealistic and can be unhealthy. Watch Netflix, ride a bike, or host a game night. Your creative life should also be a balanced life! 

Marvin is a musician, recording artist and blogger.  Follow him on Twitter/Instagram @mthompsonjr.

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