About Marvin Thompson Jr.

Keyboardist, songwriter and producer Marvin Thompson Jr. has been creating music for many years.  Growing up in Detroit, Michigan he got his start playing piano for his church choir. Writing music for numerous musicals and short films, Marvin has also released several instrumental projects, including his release, In Focus on the December Sky music label, which features jazz-infused instrumental music.  He has served as Musical Director for several stage-plays, including Torn Between Two Loves, and the Plowshares Theatre production of Soulfest and Spunk.  He wrote and scored the music for the independent film, Guilty Innocence for the Swift Winds Media production company.  He's the writer and producer of the hit stage musical, City Square which premiered in Detroit MI.  Marvin wrote and produced the musical stage play, Two Chairs, an historically reflective stage presentation that opened in Detroit in 2016.   Marvin is the recipient of the Billboard Songwriting Award and the John Lennon Songwriting Award.  In 2017 Marvin released his second full-length CD titled Kind Words.  This project embodies Marvin's taste and commitment to smooth jazz, with honest melodies and creative musical structures.  2020 saw the release of When They Call, a concept album featuring compositions for film and television. Music from When They Call was featured in the Vanessa Lynn film, Fakers. Marvin was featured on the television show Detroit Performs, which highlighted his musical accomplishments and performances.