Marvin Thompson Jr. is a contemporary jazz pianist and producer. He is the recipient of the John Lennon Songwriting Award, and the Billboard Songwriting Award. 

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New EP this Spring!

[Click the image to hear a preview from Only Good Things]

Only Good Things, the anticipated new EP by contemporary jazz artist Marvin Thompson Jr., will deservingly find its way to your jazz playlists upon its release this spring. How will it make you feel? The answer is Marvin’s unique marriage of melody to musical synthesis, allowing listeners to relax, feel good, and move to the groove: one, two, three, clap, one, two, three, clap… 

It’s understandable that with the stress of everyday life, unexpected loss, social woes, and anything else that can be thrown into our paths, it can be easy to lose focus. Marvin’s music provides a much needed respite; tomorrow we’ll deal with what we need to. Today, it’s only good things. 

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